Home Additions

Your family is growing and space is limited, it may seem as though the only available option is to go through the long and tiresome process of moving. Thankfully, that isn’t the reality. Home additions have become commonplace, and our expert design and development team is ready to craft the house addition you need to comfortably enjoy the space you already call home.

Home Additions in Toronto

Regardless of where you’re in need of space, there is a home extension solution that can solve the problem. Our team specializes in the professional design and development of a wide range of home extension Toronto solutions, including the following:


Second-Story Additions

The best way to increase the square footage of your home without requiring more additional land is to take advantage of a second-story addition. Whether it’s needed for bedrooms, living areas, or completely separate living space, a second-story addition will allow you and your family to enjoy the home you have for years to come.


Rear Extensions

For families needing more than a simple room addition, rear extensions may be a valuable route to take. With rear extensions, you’ll be able to extend the entire rear of your home – including the basement, main floor, second floor, bungalow additions or all of the above. With a rear extension, you’ll be able to improve square footage without restructuring the flow and layout of your existing home.


Kitchen Additions

Running out of room to cook and host? Expand your kitchen square footage to ensure that you have enough counter and floor space for any event with a home kitchen addition.


In-Law Additions

Having another set of hands around the house is wonderful, but it’s important to ensure that there is enough space for everyone to live comfortably. Create a separate living space with the help of an in-law addition to your home like – Garden suite or Laneway Suite.


Bathroom Additions

A growing family will often require an additional shower, sink, and toilet capacity. Bathroom home additions offer the ability to expand your home while providing critical outlets along the way to ensure a comfortable lifestyle. For more information please see our tips for bathroom renovation blog.


Family Room Additions

A space that should not see compromised with family growth is a dedicated family room. Regardless of the purpose, bring everyone together in a beautiful space with the help of a custom family room addition.


Garage Additions

There are more than a handful of ways to create additional space in your home, the garage being an incredibly important one. Whether you’re in need of extra capacity for storage, lifestyle, fitness, or work, make the most of your garage square footage with a beautiful garage addition.

Our Approach To Toronto Home Additions

Every project begins with a detailed description, ensuring that we have a thorough idea of your space needs and an understanding of the problem we’re trying to solve. Once established, we’ll work to create a project plan that outlines the necessary work, costs, and all other associated costs.
Assuming project acceptance, we’ll get started on the build of your Toronto home additions. This will include multiple rounds of work from expert contractors, but your input will be valued each step of the way. Following a painless build process, you’ll be ready to take back your newly constructed space and use it to its full potential.
It is common for a family to outgrow a home and thus need more living space. Whether the arrival of a new baby or the creation of a home office necessitates the increased space, the specialists at Ayon Design and Build will partner with you to create a custom living space designed with your unique living situation in primary focus.
Ayon Design and Build has spent several years crafting home additions for countless clients across the Greater Toronto Area. We take care of all of the technicalities, planning, and logistics to ensure a stress-free experience from design, and building to execution of your project all done under one roof. Using only the highest quality materials and sound building methods, we ensure that every job is state of the art with your satisfaction guaranteed. Regardless of your project size or budget, we have a solution to address your space issues and home additions in Toronto to make living comfortable again. Whether you’re looking to learn more about the custom home addition space, looking to better understand our team and project approach, or would like to dive into a custom home addition project of your own, Contact us – our team is ready to help.

We always deliver 100% customer satisfaction and absolute quality work without compromise.

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